February 1-3, 2019

 The Antlers Wyndham Hotel Downtown Colorado Springs, CO       GalaxyFest is a pop culture festival and is very similar to a “comic con” along with some very interesting twists. Besides seeing comics you will feel like you have traveled into a fantasy world of pop culture that won’t ever stop, as it goes

Vendor Spaces

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Artists, Authors, Vendors, Fan Clubs Reserve Your Space Now All booths for GalaxyFest 2019 are  Dated Pricing Restructured Pricing Reserve yours NOW   Area Type Discount Pricing Mar 1 -Jan 1 Standard Pricing Jan 2-At the Door Premium Pricing (2) 10ft x 10ft Vendor Room spaces for a single vendor (contact us for invoicing) $500.00 $595.00 $695.00

Thank You Sponsors / Supporters

sponsors     Welcome to the Future! GalaxyFest February 9-11, 2018 This page is for those interested in being a Sponsor at GalaxyFest 2018!Opportunities: Sponsorships include but are not limited to: Sponsor GalaxyFest 2018 – Take advantage of marketing to a very large market Market in the GalaxyFest 2018 program being handed out to all our visitors Sponsor a

Paparazzi Guild / Media Application

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 Application for all media and photographers to participate in GalaxyFest 2018 Why join the GalaxyFest Paparazzi Guild*: 1. Be one of a handful of photographers to officially shoot GalaxyFest 2. Have exclusive access to all GalaxyFest programming to include our renowned AfterDark programming 3. Help GalaxyFest support numerous programs within STEM, Literature and the Arts 4. Enjoy

Event Tickets

Click to get your tickets NOW! Reserve your hotel room at our host hotel Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm is FREE to the public. Badging will begin at 8 pm General admission allows access to all areas of the festival (age appropriate) both day and night time VIP Tickets allows access to all